The Whitehead Clan

The Whitehead Clan
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Jersey and Six Flags

When we went to Six Flags with Wes, Nikki, Rylan, Kyler and Delaney it was a super-hot day and very humid (I think more so than Texas!!). We had such a great time. Can you see how Wes decided to keep cool? Look closely.

8-'09 R&R

If dad made you smile - then that is why I posted this picture :)

Dad's August '09 R&R

Bostyn is really enjoying her suitcase ride from Uncle Trev. Can she get any cuter? Grama is seriously concerned about Trevor's lack of ability to clothe himself properly.

After visiting with Fressia briefly and then a few days at the beach, we drove back home to Texas for a few days only to fly out to New Jersey for our next leg of our trip.

Considering that I hate to fly, we made out okay and even remembered to get some decks of cards at the stopover airports. I now have 309 decks of cards including some from 27 of the states and 5 different countries. Some may think this is a total waste of a collection but it is fun for me. I can hear my sons now after I die:
"Let's build a bonfire and burn 'em." Brit and Fressia: "I want those - don't even think about it!" Brad: "It'll be the best one ever and huge!" Brit: "Brad, you're not the prooooblem."

At Huntington Beach, CA

August has been a bunch of fun. I will recap now that dad has gone back to Iraq until his Christmas break:

This is our cutie Bostyn on the beach. Unlike her grama, she doesn't mind being pent-up - she was a happy camper! And you gotta love dear ol' dad in his wet suit here with Brit. We had a bunch of fun and we were so happy to see our family and friends.
More to come . . .

Friday, July 3, 2009

Most recent cut and color - light again? I need to make up my mind. You vote - light or dark?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mom has too many issues this year: Skin cancer on her back that needed removed and an epidermoid cyst on her head that left a HUGE bald spot after it healed. Is mom falling apart? I think not - not getting rid of her yet people!
After trying to upload more pictures for about an hour-and-a-half, I gave up. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow or another day. At least I finally put something new on the blog - yay me!
Dad will be home for a visit in five weeks. Thinking about his visits makes me so very happy. It's rough for married couples who are apart for any reason. Thinking about being a widow wigs me right out. Dad's words about being without our best friends: "It's messed up!"
Are you enjoying my colors? It's the 'bess I can do - the bess I can do'
My recent prayers are that:
Paul has a happy heart and knows how much we appreciate his sacrifice.
Wes continues to have a job.
Nikki gets pregnant and keeps it to have a healthy baby.
Fressia remembers what a great person she is.
Brad gets his wish for a real job.
Jamee knows we love her.
Brit doesn't worry so much and sleeps well.
Jason gets a better - long lasting job.
Trevor finds his way and gets an education, education, education.

Brad has been working super hard on welding this truck for dad. What a beautiful job!! Thanks Brad - you rock!
Wes came for a surprise visit. It was awesome to see him. While he was here these bird eggs that were in our front lawn hatched and we had some fun trying to find the baby birdies in our lawn and chasing them around.
Our lovely Texas home - come and visit!

My beautiful anniversary bouquet from my best friend - 31 years. There are 31 roses in five different colors (five children). Beautiful, yes?

Thursday, December 11, 2008